Talk in Kannada in City Bus
When you Travel by City Bus

Travelling has become joyful with the Bangalore Bus Services have improved and many buses and special buses like Volvo are plying throughout the city. There are stops in every main extension and the Majestic is the main bus stop of the city. Close to the Bangalore Central Railway station it provides the convenience of not having to take an auto to the bus stop.

To ask whether this bus goes to Majestic Bus Stand
Ee Bussu Majestic hoggatha

To ask if the bus stops at Satellite City Bus Stand
Ee Bussu Satellite city bus stop elle stop kodatha

To get one ticket for Vijayanagar
Vijayanagarge ondu ticket koddi

To stop the bus
Bus stop maddi

The number count in Kannada is like this

One - Ondu
Two- Yerradu
Three- Mooru
Four - Nalakku

Five- Aiddu
Six- Aaru
Seven- Ellu
Eight- Entu

Nine- Ombathu
Ten- Hathu

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