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Sonda: It is in the middle of the thick forest. It was the headquarters of Sonde rulers who were feudatories of Vijayanagara. Its large number of monuments are spread over the forest. It was a Jain center and has a Samadhi of scholar Bhattakalanka. There is also a small Jain matha, Swarnavalli matha of Smartha tradition, Trivikarama temple, Shankaranarayana temple and Gaddige Matha. From 5 km from Sonda the river Shalmala creates a falls of 91 meters height called the Shivaganga falls. Sonda, also known as Sode or Swadi, is famous among the followers of Madhwacharya, for, the Brindavan (Samadhi) of Sri Vadiraja is situated here