Talk in Kannada when you go to Market
When you go to Market

Going to market to buy veggies or fruits ! It will be fun as Bangalore has a lot of stores like Reliance Fresh, White Field, where you can shop to your hearts content. The vegetable and fruit vendors are like Hopcoms Veg & Fruits C.V. Raman Nagar,Greens & Grains Jaya Nagar South, Sri Fruits and Vegetable Stall, , Pranitha Coconut Merchants, Srirampuram, Sri Nidhi Fruit & Vegetable, Hosur Road,Trinity Cold Storage, Frazer Town,Sri Gajanana Vegetable Store. Hebbal Agricultural Farm,Om Sri Hari Hara Fruits & Vegetable ,Banashankari 2nd Stage, Fresh N Fresh, Indira Nagar, G. Adimurthy, Yeswanthpur, Ayesha Banana Mundi, Banaswadi, Nanjundeshwara Traders, S.P. Road, Simla Fruits & Vegetable, Bannerghatta Road, Ashok Fruit Stores, Kamakshipalya. There are a plenty in the markets in and around Bangalore who will serve all your vegetable and fruit needs.

When you are searching for a Vegetable (eg. Potato) just ask

Allugedde iddiya

To ask for the price - When you want to buy 1 kg Potatoes

Ondu kg Allugedde kodi

When you want to buy greens just ask

Soppu iddiya

If you want to ask whether the greens are fresh

Soppu chanagiddiya

If you want to ensure the greens are good then tell the vendor

Channgiro Soppu Kodi

Names of some veggies in Kannada

Beans – Huruli Kalei
Carrot - Carrot
Coconut – Thengina Kai
Cabbage – Gedde Kos
Beetroot - Beetroot
Cucumber - Southekkai
Curry leaves –Karibehu
Coriander Leaves – Kothamari Soppu
Drumsticks - Nugekkahi
Bringal - Badanekai
Garlic – Belluli

For non vegetarians here are some tips for buying

Chickhen – Koli Maamsa (there are two types namely Broiler or Regular Chickhen called NattiKoli.) Mutton – Mutton or Maamsa (there are two types of goat namely kuri or sheep (one with wool) and Meikkai or goat)
Fish is called Meenu and you can ask whether they are fresh.
Meenu channagithiya
Both freshwater fish and sea fish are available in the market.

Normally some fruits are sold in Kgs in Bangalore, for other the price is for one single piece. There are a host of seasonal fruits which flood the market every month. Mangoes from March to June, Water melons from April to July, Pineapples, Apples, Guavas, Grapes during the festival season from August to December. Some fruits are very specific to the region and they have a rare taste which you should  relish.

Apple - Sebu
Guava – Seebe Hannu
Grapes – Draakshi (Green – Hasi Draakshi, Black – Kari Draakshi)
Jackfruit - Alasinhannu
Mango - Mavinahannu
Orange - Kithalehannu
Papaya- Parangihannu
Watermelon- Kalangadi Hannu

Green chillies – Hasi Mensinakkai
Lady's finger - Bendekai
Lemon - Nimbehannu
Onion - Irrulli
Potatoe - Allugedde
Pumpkin - Kumbalakai
Radish - Moolangi
Spinach- Palak Soppu
Tomatoe - Tomatoe
Yam- Suvarnagedde

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