About Tumkur

Tumakuru formerly Tumkur, is a city in Karnataka state of southern India which is 68 km from bangalore. It is the headquarters of Tumkur district. Etymologically Tumakuru is believed to have been mutated possibly from Tumbe ooru" due to the abundance of Tumbe huuvu, a kind of flower, or Tamate ooru due to the folk musical percussion instrument Tamate, that might have been used most here. Also, it is called as the coconut city.

General Profile

Number of Taluk Panchayat                                     10

Gram Panchayat                                                    321

Hoblis                                                                    50

Geography: The cultivated products consist chiefly of millet, rice, pulses, arecanut and oil seeds. The chief industries are the making of coarse cotton cloths, woolen blankets, ropes, watches(Hindustan Machine Tools),. WIPRO, TVSE and Karmobiles Ltd. which is merged with Rane Madras. "Tumkur Glow for Beauty Crowns" SWARNMANDIR has been chiselling out the intricate nuances of gold crowns for Miss India-Universe, Miss India-World and Miss India-Earth Sponsored by TANISHQ, have their industries around the town. Sri Siddaganga Mutt is situated in Kyathsandra and is governed by Dr Sri Sri Sri Shivkumar swamiji, and has more than 8000 students studying there coming from all over India and of different community. It is a district administrative center and a health resort in the Devarayadurga Hills. Tumkur is also a market for vegetable oil, tobacco, chilies, and coconuts. Tools, soap, and processed foods are manufactured. Rivers: Krishna and Cauvery


Yediyur, Kunigal Farm, Pavagada Fort, Madhugiri, Marconahalli, Devarayna Durga, Sinhadham
Yediyur - this place is famous for Sadhalingeshwara temple. This place is also famous for saint Veershaiva who lived in Yediyur in the Tumkur Tourist Places. Kunigal Farm- it is the oldest Stud farm. Pavagada Fort - in 1405 famous Vijaynagar dynasty's king built this hill fort. This fort bears the stamp of the violent battle between Tipu Sultan and British rulers in the Tumkur Tourist Places. Madhugiri - this is the most beautiful hill fort built by Vijaynagar dynasty. It is the place where Jain Basadis and temples are also found. This place offers to the tourists a view of historical sites. Madhugiri is well known for its Pomegranate cultivation. Marconahalli - Tours to Karnataka in this place a reservoir is built across the Shimsha River. You can have an enjoyable boat ride on this river in the Tours to Karnataka. Devarayna Durga - Tours to Karnataka and it is a beautiful hill station 18 sq. km of which is covered with forest. This forest is the home for many wild animals like Leopard, Tiger, Bear and Wild Dog. Sinhadham is a Lions Safari park on Shimoga - Sagar road. While visiting this place one can avail the hospitality of the Hotel Nanjundeswara.

Art And Culture

Tumkur has a number of educational institutions that have given out outstanding students to big corporates, MNCs and other higher educational institutions in India and abroad. The following are some of the notable institutes; Shree Siddhartha University, Govt. Polytechnic,Tumkur(G P T), Sarvodaya Junior College, Siddaganga Institute of Technology (SIT), Siddaganga Instite of Management Studies, Sri Siddhartha Institute of Technology (SSIT), Vasavi Vidya Peeta High School (VVPHS), Vidhya vahini educational society, HMSIT, SIET, CIT, SSMS, SSDS, HMS Polytechinc, Siddaganga Polytechinc

Tumakuru in Karnataka Ind

Tumakuru, Gubbi, Tiptur, Turuvekere, Kunigal, Sira, Madhugiri, Pavagada, Koratagere, Chikkanayakanahalli
243 /km2
Time zone
IST (UTC+5:30)
10,598 km2
Pincode : 562101 Telephone ++ 91 (0) 816 Vehicle KA-06