About Belgaum

Belgaum The ancient name of the town of Belgaum was Venugrama, meaning Bamboo Village. It is also called as Malnad Pradesh. The most ancient place in the district is Halsi; and this, according to inscriptions on copper plates discovered in its neighbourhood, was once the capital of a dynasty of nine Kadamba kings. Kittur in Belgaum district is a place of historical importance. Rani Chennamma of Kittur (1778-1829) is known for her resistance to British rule; another person in the history of Belgaum known for his resistance to British rule is Sangolli Rayanna.There are several names available for Belgaum city. Kannada people call it Belgaavi, Marathi people call it Belgaon, North Indians call it as Belgaum. The British had a sizable infantry post here, having realised the military importance of its geographic location.

General Profile

Number of Taluk Panchayats                         10
Revenue Sud divisons                                   03
Number of Gram Panchayats                        485
Industries:Belgaum is one of the fastest growing cities with a very good Industrial Scenario in the northwestern part of Karnataka. Belgaum has several large industries, important among them are the JINDAL Aluminium Factory and the Polyhydron Pvt. Ltd. Belgaum acts as a trade centre for food grains, sugarcane, cotton, tobacco, oilseed, and milk products. The Hydraulic Industry started here was first of it's kind in Belgaum District.
Languages spoken:in this district include Kannada and Marathi. Cuisines:Belgaum's positioning has also made its cuisine a potpourri of central (Marathi) and north Indian flavours and the fast food is predominantly influenced by Marathi tastes (e.g. vada pav, missal) and other north Indian chaat.


Kamal Basadi,Belgaum Fort,Gokak Falls, Saundatti and Godachinmalki Falls
Kamal Basadi:is a famous Jain temple located within the walls of the fort. Belgaum Fort: is a huge construct present in the heart of the town. It is said that its 15-meter deep moats were filled with ravenous crocodiles to ward off enemies in the early days. Gokak Falls : Except in width and colour of the water, the general features of the fall, its height, shape and rapidity above are much like those of Niagara". The falls are horse-shoe shaped at the crest, with a flood breadth of 177 metres. Saundatti: reminds us of the beautiful and ancient temple of Goddesss Renuka (also known as the Yellamma Temple). It is at a distance of 70 Kms from Belgaum and the place can be reached from all the other places by road. At a distance of 5 Kms from the city, there is a big Mountain on which the temple is situated. Godachinmalki Falls :16 Kms from Gokak, it is at a fine spot located to the west of the Gokak-Konnur road in a deep green valley. Markandeya River takes the first jump from a height of about 25 metres and flows into a rocky valley and after a short distance from here it takes a second jump at a height of about 18 metres.

Art And Culture

The customs and traditions of Belgaum have been influenced by both the Kannada and Marathi cultures. Traditional dressing in rural Belgaum is similar to the attires of people in the north Karnataka and south Maharashtra belt; the men wear a turban with a long tailpiece at the rear and a dhoti (a sarong worn in a manner that allows easier movement) and the women wear saris but with the lower half drawn like a dhoti. The Visveswaraiah Technological University is located in Belgaum. All technical and engineering colleges in the Karnataka State come under this University. Belgaum is also known for the Airmen Training School, an Indian Air Force training centre located at Sambra. The Maratha Light Infantry has its regimental headquarters in Belgaum.The Commando School and School of jungle warfare and the Indian Army is also situated in Belgaum. The Karnataka Lingayat (K.L.E.) Education Society is in Belgaum. The K.L.E.S. Hospital of Belgaum is the second-largest hospital in Asia.

Belgaum in Karnataka Indi

Belgaum, Bailhongal, Chikkodi, Gokak, Hukkeri, Khanapur, Raibag, Ramadurga, Suadatti, Athani
4,214,505 (2001)
351 /km2 (909 /sq mi)
Time zone
IST (UTC+5:30)
12,000 km2 (4,633 sq mi)
591303 Telephone +91831 Vehicle KA-22, KA-23, KA-24, KA-49