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Education in Bangalore

Bangalore has more than four hundred educational institutions catering to the needs of its locals and natives. You name it and there is a college catering to that education in Bangalore. The various fields are engineering, bio-technology, business management, journalism, medicine, public relation, diary technology, veterinary science, forestry, aviation, defense, dentistry, fashion, fine arts, foreign  language, interior design, psychology, social work, teaching and many other things streams. Bangalore has also earned its name for quality Management education with A+ management schools ruling the roost in the city. The attractiveness of these schools is due to the excellent coaching provided to the  students.

Education is a quality experience in Bangalore. A big basket of variety of schools is available for parents of school going kids. The schools provide syllabus like ICSE, CBSE and State Board. Schools of different types of budget are available here. For the poor there are government schools which take no fees. The aided and unaided private educational institutions cater to the needs of the middle class. Unaided schools have high fees with donations, whereas aided schools fees are less .The rich can find schools of their liking which provide quality education and five star facilities. The fees structure of such school is sky rocketing. Most of the schools have their campuses in and around the city. With commuting becoming a problem with school children, school provide van facilities with van fees ranging from Rs. 300 to Rs. 1000.

Secondary Education can in the form of Diploma and PUC or Pre University. Students join PUC after their SSLC Examination. The admission process for those who have scored more than 80% in tenth standard is easy while those with a score of 70% and above need to give donation.

After PUC is Degree education which starts somewhere in June. Admissions to Degree Colleges are based on merit as the number of seats are limited and the admission has to be approved by the Bangalore University.

Professional Educational courses which are popular among the youth are Engineering, Dental and Medical. Students have to undergo the Common Entrance Examination to get admission into the courses. There are two types of professional colleges namely government and private colleges. Private colleges have two types of seats namely management quote and regular quote. Management quota  fees is pretty high as it is purely based on donation.

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