Talk to your Colleagues and Neighbours in Kannada and have fun

When you are from a far off land other than Karnataka natives generally look forward to speak to you. Your neighbors especially, with Bengaluru becoming cosmopolitan, there is a different language spoken in every corner. However, Kannada has not lost its charm and people still love the language. Ardent language lovers are called ‘Baashe Premi’ and you will surely find one in your neighborhood or in your office. Speak to such ‘Baashe Premi’ in the language they love – Kannada!

What did you have for breakfast today?
Eevathu enn thindi

What have you brought for lunch today?
Eevathu enn Oota

Can we go to restaurant today?
Eevathu ootake hotel hoganna

Can we go for a good movie tomorrow?
Nalle olle film nodakke hoganna

What did you do this Sunday?
Bannavara enn maadidhri

What is your father’s name?
Nimma thandhe hesaru ennu

What is your mother’s name?
Nimma Thayi hesaru ennu

Where is your native place?
Nimma Thayi/ Thanthai uru yavadu

How many siblings do you have?
Nimm Anna thambandaru , Akka, Thangi, esthu janna

Are you married?
Nimma Madhuve agidhya

How many children do you have?
Esthu makkalu iddare

How old are they?
Malaklige esthu varsha

What are their names?
Makkala hesaru ennu.

Where are they studying?
Elli oddathayidare

Hope this article serves the need of those who want to know about speaking Kannada. Learn the language and become a Kannada ‘Baashe Premi’ for this land loves and nurtures all those to come into her fold.

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