Various Businesses in Bangalore
Understand the various business in Bangalore

Bangalore is called by many names – Silicon Valley, Garden City, Pub City, Retail hub of India and Pensioners Paradise. By whatever name you call Bangalore it proves to be the best. Any business in Bangalore is a success and many wonder why?

First is the IT industry – the reasons for the success of this industry is highly educated population, the climate, cheap operating costs and the business environment which makes it an excellent place for both science and industry. This is why SAP, Oracle, Wipro, Infosys, Google, Dell, and Amazon, as well  as many major Internet Service Providers have set up their offices in Bangalore. So IT industry is the main business of Bangalore.

With the growth of the IT industry the real estate industry also boomed simultaneously. The change in lifestyle and earning capacity has pushed the real estate prices high up and make the boom real. Apartments and flats are increasing daily and the prices also are increasing. Commercial markets like pubs, malls, multiplexes and office complexes are also growing in leaps and bounds.

Hotels, Restaurants and Pubs are the other sector that is fast growing with the change in lifestyle. Almost every street corner and road has an eatery. People are now on the lookout for a good place to eat which is hygienic. Nightlife on the increase has led to the boom in pubs. Here a special mention needs to be made about UB Breweries, the largest breweries in India. Bangalore has earned the name as Pub city. Owning a pub is a good business in Bangalore.

Another business that is picking up is tourism and hotel industry. Floating population has increased in Bangalore due to the increase in business in Bangalore. Foreign and Indian business travelers come looking for good yet affordable places to stay in Bangalore. With the need for good accommodation increasing- Bangalore is finding innovative ways to cope with these needs like serviced apartments an alternative to hotel stay. So hotel industry is picking up at a fast rate.

People from almost all over India are now finding home in Bangalore. For a growing family the need for good education is a priority. Education is a booming industry. Right from primary education to higher education many schools and colleges have increased in Bangalore. Professional and non professional colleges are also multiplying day in and day out. Engineering colleges, B schools and colleges offering vocational education are finding Bangalore the best place to set up their campus.

Small businessman like cab drivers, restaurant owners, chaat centre owners, and many such businesses are growing at a hectic phase in Bangalore.

Famous companies and businessman of Bangalore are the following:

20th KM, Hosur Road,
Electronics City,
Bangalore, India - 560 100
Phone: +91 - 80 - 2808 2808 /  +91 - 80 - 4014 4014

Infosys Technologies Ltd.
Plot#44. Electronics City Hosur Road
Bangalore 561 229. Karnataka, INDIA
Tel: +91 - 80 - 28520261 / 351 / 363

Embassy Golf Link Park Intermediate Ring Road
Airport Road
Koramangala Bangalore 560 034

Wipro Limited.
Sarjapur Road. Bangalore - 560 035

Taj Hotels
41/3, Mahatma Gandhi Road
Bangalore Karnataka - 560 001
No. 49 Cunningham Crescent Road, Bengaluru - 560 066

Hotel Leela Bangalore.
23 Airport Road, Bangalore 560008

Bangalore becoming the IT hub of India has led to a boom in other related business. So the projected growth of Bangalore is going to continue and you are sure of success.

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