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  Shimoga, as per traditional derivations ,the name pertains to Lord Shiva ( 'Shiva - Mukha' - Face of shiva , 'Shivana - Mogu' - Nose of shiva, 'Shivana - Mogge ' - Buds of flowers meant for shiva ) . According to the legend, the place had the ashram of the famous sage 'Durvasa' who was noted for his sharpness of temper. He used to keep on the oven a pot boiling with sweet herbs. Once, some cowherds, who chanced upon it, tasted the beverage out of curiosity and called the place 'Sihi- Moge' (Sweet Pot) , Which was later called as 'SHIMOGA'.A major part of this district lies in the Malnad region of the Western Ghats; a region known for its green forests, plentiful rainfall, beautiful waterfalls A major part of this district lies in the Malnad region of the Western Ghats; a region known for its green forests, plentiful rainfall, beautiful waterfalls and also of being the source of many rivers that flow in Karnataka.

Shimoga in Karnataka India
Subdistricts Bhadravathi, Hosanagara, Sagar, Shikaripura, Shivamogga, Sorab, Thirthahalli
Headquarters Shimoga
Population 1,642,545 (2007)
Density 194.04 /km2 (503 /sq mi)
Time zone IST (UTC+5:30)
Area 8,465 km2 (3,268 sq mi)
Code Pincode :577202, 577204
Telephone +08182
Vehicle KA-14
Website www.shimoga.nic.in
Jogfalls Ikkeri Honnemaradu Kodachadri Mountains
General Profile
Number of Taluk Panchayat 07
Geography:Shimoga, almost central on the Karnataka map is the rice bowl of the State. The Sahyadri ranges,part of the Western Ghats, feed the rivers round the year, and inundate the fertile alluvial soil, this nature's blessing makes it the bread basket of Karnataka. Rivers such as Kaveri and Kabini provide the irrigation needs required for agriculture in this district. Religion ,Castes & tribes : Hindus constitute 87.44% of the population with Muslims making up only 8.87% of the population; the remaining part of the population is made up by Christians, Buddhists and other religious groups. Kannada is the dominant language in this district. Jenu Kuruba, Betta Kuruba, Paniya and Panjari Yerevas and Soligas are some of the ethnic groups found in Mysore district.
Jog Falls, Ikkeri, Kodachadri,Agumbe,Tyarekoppa Lion Safari and Honnemaradu
Jog Falls:The wondrous sight is that of river Sharavathi taking a spectacular leap into the chasm from a height of 900 feet to from the highest waterfalls in India. The river Sharavathi hurtles in 4 distinct cascades. Ikkeri : situated 76 Kms to the noth of Shimoga and about 3 kms to the south of Sagar taluka. The word means "Two Streets". This place was the capital of Keladi Nayakas for some years. Kodachadri :A glorious and enchanting mountain provides the perfect escape from the hectic pace of the hum drum of everyday life. Paradise for trekkers, the place attracts lot of trekkers around Karnataka state. Kodachadri is situated at 1411 ft above sea level and 115 kms from shimoga city. Agumbe : The spectacular sunset point.On the way to Udupi , 35 kms from Thirthahalli falls a small place with big name called AGUMBE. It is situated at 2725 ft above sea level. Tyarekoppa Lion Safari : 10 Kms from Shimoga enroute Sagar town Lions, Tigers and other wild life animals roam around in the deep forests freely. Honnemaradu : About 25 Kms from Sagar town on the way to Jog falls , a adventure place by name Honnemaradu welcomes the adventure loving people. The place is situated on the back waters of Sharavathi river.

Art and Culture:
Shimoga, locally called as Shiv-mogga originally derived its name from the term `Shiv-Mukha` meaning `Face of Shiva`. With nature`s bounty surroundings dotted with waterfalls, thriving paddy fields and plausible palms, Shimoga, in the state of Karnataka attracts visitors most.

Apart from being a rich natural sight, Shimoga also houses an archaeological museum. The Government of India built it in the year 1950 in order to store the excavated materials and the objects of archaeology.

As a result of this, presently it is a show house of sculptures, inscriptions, paintings, arms, coins, paper manuscripts, palm leaf manuscripts, woodcarvings and copper plates.People are welcome in the museum from 9am to 5pm except on Mondays and Government Holidays.