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   Ramanagara (known as Closepet, after Sir Barry Close (1756-1813), in pre-Independence times and retained in geology) is a town and a city municipal council in the Indian state of Karnataka. It is also the headquarters of Ramanagara district. The Ramanagaram district was carved out of the Bangalore Rural district in 2007. Ramanagara is approximately 50 km southwest of Bangalore.

Ramanagara in Karnataka India
Subdistricts Ramanagara, Chennapatna, Magadi, Kanakapura
Headquarters Ramanagara
Population 10,08,000
Density -
Time zone IST (UTC+5:30)
Area 3556 km2
Code Pincode : 571511
Telephone +91 (0) 8117
Vehicle KA-42
Website www.ramanagaracity.gov.in
Anna_Thamma_ Rock Ramdevarabetta channapatna_toys janapada-loka
General Profile
Number of Taluk Panchayat 4
Number of Villages 827
Geography: Kanva Dam is a minor dam spanning across river Kanva. The river is named after the sage Kanva, who is believed to have lived in the caves in the mountains and forests around the dam. The dam is 1.5 km long covering 776 hectares of wooded hills surrounding it. Sited in the middle of scenery, the dam is ideal for camping and bird watching. The important pilgrimage center and cave temple of Purushotthama Thirtha Gavi is 3 km away.
Ramadevarabetta, Revanasideshwara, Janapada Loka, Channapatna toys
Well known hill is Ramadevarabetta. Along with Savandurga this was one of the shooting locations for David Lean's A Passage to India. Small door like grottoes were made in the rock to resemble caves. It was also in this region that the path-breaking Hindi movie, Sholay, was shot. Other famous hills in the region include the Revanasideshwara hill and Handigundi. These hills have been threatened by quarrying and also plans to carve these hills into statues. The region is covered in scrub forest and is home to threatened bird species such as the Yellow-throated Bulbul and Long-billed Vultures. The hill is today one of the few locations in south India where Long-billed Vultures nest. The region is also home to numerous sloth bears. Janapada Loka, a display of village settings in sylvan surrounding, is at a distance of about 53 Kms from Bangalore (Bengaluru), very near Ramanagaram. A subsidiary of the Karnataka Janapada Parishath is dedicated to the preservation and promotion of folk culture. Sprawling across 15 acres, the complex has an art gallery, and an open-air theatre, a studio and a museum. Channapatna toys are unique in their design and manufacturing and it is native to this region. It is protected under the World Trade Organisation and administered by the Karnataka Government.
   Ramanagara is famous for its silk market, one of the biggest in India, giving it the other name of Silktown. Ramanagara taluk includes the Bidadi industrial area, which houses the manufacturing units of Toyota and Coca-Cola, and a 1400 MW combined cycle gas-based power plant. The Closepet granites are a major geological feature of this region and are from the Lower Proterozoic era. This belt of rocks extend in the north-south direction in 50km belt. This belt has younger potassic granites and is believed to separate two distinct crustal blocks of Archaean age. The block to the west has low grade granite-greenstone belts with iron-manganese ores and to the east are younger gneisses of granitic and granodioritic composition with gold-bearing schist belts.